Usability review • Remote and in-lab usability testing • Heuristic evaluation


The UXPA MN website had a number of known usability issues that didn’t reflect the organization’s commitment to user experience design. They asked the team  to evaluate those issues and make recommendations for further changes that would better reflect the organization’s professional values and thought leadership.


The heart of UXPA MN is its membership base. Research revealed that providing members with easy and meaningful ways to  participate is the key to making it a valuable community space and ensure its continued financial sustainability.

My Role

• Conducted usability testing with a team of 4 other UX designers.
• Designed mid and high fidelity prototypes in Sketch.
• Created interactive prototypes with Axure.
• Synthesized research findings and prepared a findings and recommendations report.




Initial findings

Upon initial review of the site we found:

• Lack of information hierarchy
• Unclear paths to membership
• Difficult to contact board members

User testing goals

• Understand how to better communicate and reflect the organization’s mission
• Reveal what additional resources users would find valuable

Usability testing on the current website.
User Testing

Knowing that the site’s lack of hierarchy contributed to general confusion and frustration in user flows, we focused most of our user testing on what users would like to see on the website.

This included how UXPA MN could better reflect its commitment to community building and providing useful resources.

The team conducted a series of remote and in-lab usability tests to collect data.

Conducting usability testing
Finding patterns

Sketching observations from the research revealed:

• Missed opportunities for community involvement
• Distinct categories that needed to work together to support the organization’s mission
• Missing connections between those categories that resulted in the website only being used (with difficulty) to sign up for events and membership.


Creating multiple points for connection

After speaking with users, developing multiple points for connection and involvement was a priority.

Every user expressed some frustration at not being able to connect with the organization or its membership base. That took the form of easy to find and functional contact links as well as further opportunities to engage like a volunteer option.

Findings and recommendations report

Visual design explorations

Looking Forward

The heart of UXPA MN is its membership base. Providing members with easy and meaningful ways to connect and participate is the key to making UXPA MN a valuable space for the local user experience design community and ensure its continued success.

Changes to the hierarchy, user flows, and usability will accurately reflect UXPA’s mission as a leader in its field.

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